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ROGON in China

China vs. Germany


The roots of football lie in China

In the second millennium BC, a game that resembled football was played in China named Cuju. Between the years 220 and 689, the inflated ball was invented and for the first time football rules were laid down. Many centuries later: under China’s President Xi Jinping football is regaining national importance. He wishes not only China to be able to qualify for World Cup tournaments but to organise one itself and at some point to even win it. Although China’s football industry has already seen a turbulent development, the largest part is still to come: China has more than 100 cities with at least one million inhabitants, amongst them 15 mega cities with ten million people or more. Including the third tier, there are currently 56 professional clubs in China. Which means that half of those huge cities do not even have a professional football club yet.

China is the market with the highest growth potential



For China, the key to long-term success in international football lies in youth work and amateur sport. More than 20,000 football academies are about to be built, and in many schools football is already been taught as a subject. The goal: Chinese players are to reach a performance level comparable to foreign players. ROGON provides support on site with know-how and develops strategies for the promotion of highly talented players. ROGON has made a commitment to its own forecast:

»The most expensive player in the world will be a Chinese! «


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